What services do we provide?

Management and domiciliation services

DTM provides management and domiciliation services to all kinds of Dutch legal entities. Management and domiciliation can be provided to (amongst others) the following legal entities:

  • Besloten Vennootschap (“BV”) – Private Limited Liability Company
  • Stichting – Foundation
  • Commanditaire Vennootschap (“CV”) – Limited Partnership
  • Naamloze Vennootschap (“NV”) – Public Limited Liability Company
  • Coöperatie – Cooperative


Transfer of the company

In case services are to be rendered to an already existing company, DTM will perform the transfer of the company from the previous provider of services to our offices for free, in case the corporate and compliance documents are transferred from said provider in a swift, complete and correct manner.

Why is DTM the perfect match?


One of the most important reasons why DTM can hold its ground between the larger, more factory-like competition on the Dutch trust market, is its very competitive pricing, without this being at the expense of the quality. Due to the one-stop-shop aspect, DTM can work efficiently which leads to competitive fees. We can, at the clients’ wish, offer total package deals (with fixed fees) or individually priced services.


DTM prides itself on its personal approach. Clients will have one main contact person, and communication will be swift, clear and efficient. Since the contact persons all have a university background and as they have the necessary experience, services rendered are of the highest quality. Furthermore, DTM can provide a personal director to its client companies.


DTM has from the beginning made precision its second nature. One of the most important goals for DTM, in relation to legal entity management and domiciliation, is keeping the client companies in good standing. In order to do so, DTM is well aware of all the obligations and implications of this goal, which can, in the view of DTM, only result to a precise and accurate result. Furthermore, next to this intrinsic motivation, DTM stands, as a licensed company, under direct supervision of the Dutch Central Bank, which can be qualified as one of the most well-reputed central banks of Western Europe. This also contributes to a very high standard; a standard in which DTM takes pride.





The Sampling Officials by Rembrandt
The Sampling Officials by Rembrandt


Why choose the Netherlands for management?

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About us

Welcome at Dutch Trust Management (“DTM”), your provider of management and domiciliation services, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. DTM is an independent company, offering its services to an international clientele. DTM provides specific Dutch trust services such as providing a managing director and registered address in the Netherlands. Please feel free to explore the possibilities and opportunities DTM has to offer, and do contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance. Our office has (native) speakers in the following languages:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian